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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Crapolla it's been a long time.

What the heck made me even remember that I had a blog that I have severely neglected over the last year. IDK. But here I am... posting as if anyone anywhere is actually reading this. Prolly not but it's all gravy baby.

So the last year in a nut shell.

February - Found out I was pregnant again.

March - Found out I had blood pressure problems again, from here to the end of my pregnancy I am considered high risk.

April - Found out at 14 weeks we were having another girl. Yea!

May - Obviously nothing significant happened here. Oh my brother had a birthday there ya go.

June - ??? Wow I have a boring life.

July - LJ turned 2! Had a fantastic party for her!

August - Went to corpus tons of fun. Brother and Sister in law found out they were knocked up! Yea! Oh and I got a promotion at work... that was pretty cool!

Sept - Blood pressure keeps getting worse. Not a lot else.

Oct - Oct 7th to be exact... at 12:48pm N was born. 6lbs 10oz 21 inches long. Such a freaking cute. Love her.

Nov - Hmmm not a whole lot. Oh J had a birthday there ya go.

Dec- here we are in December. 2 weeks until I go back to work. LJ is a genius but we all knew that. N is getting so big. I have loved staying at home but I will also love going back to civilization. Plus the girls will be in great hands with my parents so that is fantabulous. Christmas is so close! I can't believe it. N's first Christmas, LJ's 3rd but will be the most fun. We spent way too much money on the girls. Ehh well Christmas comes but once a year.

Not whole lot else I guess... even if no one ever reads my pointless musings (is that even the right word) at least I will have something I can go back to read to remember my life as it passes to quickly. I went back before I posted this and loved reading all the posts from over a year ago. I's funny. Meh.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Catchin up.

I am in a blogging mood however, I really don't have anything to blog about.

What does one blog about when there isn't really anything worth saying?

I am at my MIL's right now... J is working on his brothers race car.... fantastic.... we just ate dinner and LJ and her cousin are playing... they are so adorable together.

LJ is getting so big... she will be 18 months is just a few days and I cannot for the life of me figure out where time has gone. It seems like just yesterday she was this tiny little person who couldn't do anything for herself and now she is so very independant and doesn't want help with anything. It is so sad to see her grow up but I am so very proud of her... she is such a beautiful sweet girl with such a kind and caring heart. She is just a little love and every single dayshe never ceases to amaze me.

So the other day I got an email from the realtor that was selling our house... she told us not to forget about the economic stimulus program, for first time home buyers. If you bought your home after April 8th and are a first time home buyer the govt will give you 7,500.00 that has to be paid back in a annual installment for 15 years. Woooot... this will help us so much. There are a few things around the house that really need to get done but we haven't had a big chunk of change to get it done, so now we will finally be able to get it done. ie... the shower J put his knee through... him and a friend tore out all the tile and the half wall and re-tiled it but we haven't had the money to get the enclosure... so now we can woot!! We are also going to do a mini remodel on the bath room I am so super excited J also wants to get a motor for his race car... great. I guess it is the least I can do since I spent all his birthday money on stuff we needed at the time. The funny thing about all this is that the realtor we used as our buying agent hadn't mentioned a thing to us about so we could have totally missed out on it! I am so grateful this lady thought to email us!

Ehhh what else. MIL is doing good she has had 2 treatments of chemo... she lost all her hair a week or so ago, and right now she is very super sore and tired. So please continue to keep her in your prayers.

Work is good, I start a new project next week so that should be interesting.

Other than that not a whole lot going on. Just working and living life day to day.

Guess that is all for now! I'll try to post more as this one was quite boring and uneventful.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I'm Alive!

Dood I just realized I haven't blogged in 4EVER! I'm back with a vengeance. I wish I had something spectacular to blog about... but I don't....

One thing that has really pissed me off royally I would like to rant about is Thieves. They stole about 4,000 worth of my dad's work equipment out of his truck on Monday night. He can't afford to replace it, he isn't making that much money right now and he can't do his job without it. I don't understand people. What the hell is their problems. All I know is what goes around comes around and I hope those people get it back 2 fold.

Ehhh what's going on in my life. LJ is getting so big... I just wrote out all her words on another board and she has over 50 words and learning new ones everyday... her most recent one is Elephant... SRSLY My 17 month old can say and identify an elephant... CRAZY!

She is head over heals in love with the Wonder pets and Oswald right now. It was Blue's clues but he has gone on the back burner for the time being. She says Oswald and Weenie anytime we talk about him or he is on... so freaking cute!

She had a fantabulous Christmas... She walked in from the room we were sleeping in (we were at my parents house) and dropped her sippy cup and buddy when she saw all the toys she had gotten. I am so glad I got that on video!!!

Santa was pretty good to mommy too... I got a Kel-Tec 9mm... and I have decided to take up shooting... LOL I'll add that to my other list of hobbies including bow making and knitting that I do from time to time LOL!

We also got a Wii... sooo much fun. J and I play tennis and get super competitive... now I just want to get the fit board and all that mumbo jumbo but that would require someone actually having it in stock. Pfft.

I joined freecycle... it is kickass... there is a lady looking for a laugh and learn house and J had just said a few days ago we needed to get rid of ours since we got LJ the rose petal cottage and all it's fixings so she really don't need the kiddy one but then when I mentioned us free cycling it to this lady he said noooo we need to keep it for any other kids we may have... what a selfish jerk.. LOL!! I may still contact her and offer her ours... how mad could he really get?!?! LOL!

This chick I work with is knocked up and gonna go into labor like any day now... so yea... new babies are fun.

Ehhh whatelse... keep my Mother in Law in your thoughts and prayers she has started her chemo for her breast cancer and just lost all her hair...

Also my parents they aren't getting any younger and things seem to be happening to them one right after the other.

Ehhh that's all for now I suppose!

If anyone still reads this, I hope you all have a Happy New YEAR!


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The past couple weeks in a nutshell.

Mom had suspicious mammogram.

Went back, for another mammogram, and ultrasound.

Needs Biopsy.

Dr Removes Tumor and cyst.

Not cancer.

Dr says need additional biopsy.

Goes in takes tissue.

Doesn't look like cancer will know in a couple days.

Mother in law has had lump in breast for a long time.

Finally goes for a mammogram.

99% sure it cancer.

Needs Biopsy.

Biopsy done still 99% sure its cancer.


My Mom calls Dr to get results of biopsy they can't tell her on phone have to wait on Dr.

Mother in law hears back from biopsy, it is a Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. Just about the worst type you can have.

Has to go back next week for MRI to see if it has spread since it is already in the breast tissue.

Mom hears back from Dr.

The cells around the Tumor are cancer. However if you have to have cancer this is the best to have, as it can never spread anywhere but because of her cancer history he still wants to do a partial mastectomy on Friday.

My life has been crazy.

I just want everyone to get better.

Please keep my whole family in your prayers we could really use it right about now. Also PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD get your yearly mammograms and do your self exam. Early detection is Key.

Ummm... That's all. I know my blogging sucks right now but srsly. Not sure my life could get any more complicated at this point. Knocking on wood.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Beautiful QUILT!!!

Wonderful Quilting site and beautiful quilt giveaway!!!

Check it out!

I took Vicodin that day.... he didn't move.

Roffle... dude that line is like the funniest thing that has happened to me in weeks. Srsly. This chick I work with said it and I laughed for hours.

Ehhh what's going on with me. In the last 2 weeks we found out my grandma (mom) had a nodule in her breast, since she has had breast cancer twice already they jumped right on it, did more mammograms, ultrasounds, and a needle biopsy we heard yesterday thank god that it was benign! I had never been so happy in my life. Yesterday was supposed to be my first ultrasound and we were supposed to get good news from the ultrasound, We didn't get to do that but we did get great news anyways!! Life has a way of balancing the good and the bad I guess. I wish we could still be pregnant and got to see the baby yesterday but I will take the blessing god gave us with her tumor not being cancer.

So this morning... funniest thing. I sat Julia on the Island that is next to the fridge as I do every morning while I am getting my lunch together, and I walked by and tooted and she said ewwwww... It was hilarious.

What else is going on... Dude gas is down to 2.89 a gallon... i want to fill up just because it is so freaking cheap. I don't need to but I want to just because... how weird is that LOL!

Ok how about another edition of stuff that pisses me off. 1. Men that are rude and walk in front of you to get in the elevator like the 1 extra second it takes to wait on me is going to kill you. You have to wait anyways because the door doesn't close that quick so just be a freaking gentleman and let me walk in first. No lie there is this dude that I work with, when I was pregnant with Little J and wobbling, he seriously like almost knocked me over because I was walking to slow... didn't say excuse me or sorry or anything just kept walking. ASS. 2. The load of shit that is going on with my BIL and SIL and Niece... she left him.. he is fighting for custody because he thinks he is a better father when in all reality neither of them are capable of raising that girl. Srsly. Sad situation. She needs to be adopted by my IL's. She is happiest with them anyways. The whole thing just makes me mad. 3. Stupid race car crap. I am so over J's racing. Uggh. Thank goodness the season is over and once he gets his car traded on Thursday hopefully my life won't be overcome with racing crap for at least a few months.

Hm. whatelse. This is our busiest week at work and of course the system is screwed. Yay. So instead of working I am blogging.

Srsly. Mafia wars on myspace... adddddiiiicccccting. Although I just got like 850 million dollars by making a hit on someone so I am not sure how much longer I will be addicted since I have a ton of money.

I guess that's it for now. I have no more meaning less crap to type about. I will try to be better about keeping up... oh wait I said that last time so don't hold your breath.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Carter had liver pills...

Can someone please explain the phrase to me... something more than carter had liver pills.


Monday, October 6, 2008

Back to your regulalry scheduled blogging.

I'm back. I know you missed me.

A lot happened last week. I do mean A LOT! We won't go there though because quite frankly it is in the past and I don't want to dwell on it forever. Like how I threw it out there and left you hanging. You know you like it.

What to blog about what to blog about, I don't know I don't know... insert Frère Jacques tune here.

Ok going to chick fila for lunch now I'll finish in a bit.

Whoa dang. I started that blog last week and never finished.

OK not a lot going on here.

Dude can I talk about something that really pisses me off.

People that don't say thank you when you cook dinner for them. Srsly. Just say thanks that all I need... I just spent 60.00 to feed your ungrateful self say thank you. J's is always so good about saying thank you for cooking it was so good yadda yadda yadda I don't understand how this other person is not capable of saying thank you. Oh and something else if you call in the morning and say you are coming over for dinner... don't show up 2 hours after you say you'll be there then leave after 15 minutes after I again had spent money on food to feed you. SO freaking rude.

K that's all of that.

My kid has learned so much lately... her newest cutest thing, is wanting to brush our hair. She says brush, then wants to do mine then want's to do J's too cute. I put her hair in pig tails last night and it was like 2 little sprigs of hair coming from each side. ADORABLE!

Work is work.

I really don't have a lot to talk about so I guess that is all for today.

I will try to do better... assuming anyone cares.

Friday, September 26, 2008

How do you say Goodbye?

How do you say goodbye to someone you have never met? Someone that was part of you, that you felt love for, that you wanted to hold and tell you I love you more than anything in the world.

7 weeks isn't a long time, but it was long enough for me to know that I loved you.

Goodbye my little Carrot. I will see you again one day.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Falling Asleep...

Someone please please please help me.

Ok Mini Rant.

I went to the mall at lunch today to find little J a few warmer outfits... Something that really really bugs me is when people let their children run crazy through the mall running 10 feet ahead of them in and out of people stopping and staring at people. Srsly. Watch your fraking kids or keep them locked up at home.
This one little boy seriously ran in front of me. Turned around and stopped and stared right at me. His parents were WAY behind us and they just started laughing then he darted off again I almost tripped on the little Hoodlum and no one even seemed to care. Argh.

End Rant.

How Much is too much....

Cologne. Seriously. If you can smell it wafting out of someones car as they drive by... they are wearing entirely too much. I have never understood the phenomenon of bathing in your perfume or Cologne. One or two spritzes into the air then walking through it is enough to leave scent for the whole day. I think people don't understand that you get used to the scent and cannot smell it anymore but that doesn't mean others can't smell it. You don't have to do one on each side of the neck, one on each wrist, one on the front, one on the back one in your hair one on each leg one on each foot or toe or finger or whatever these people think they need to do to leave their scent on others. Gag. OMG it is even worse when the perfume bathers get a new scent... they will first bathe in it... then bring it with them and re-apply midway through the day. This is sooo UN-necessary. Please help me fight the battle of the over perfumed people in the world. Together we can make a difference.

This has been a public service announcement brought to you by

Ehh ok what else. Weaning Day 6 fail. We will just take it day by day. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Little J is seriously teething and it causing a lot of lost sleep in our house. Although I'm not gonna lie... it was kinda cute when she woke up at 12 and wouldn't go back to sleep and stood up, leaned over J's side and into his face and said DAAAADDDDDDYYYYYYYYYY as loud as she could. I giggled just a bit. Then she did her most cheesy smile and smacked him in the face until he responded. Hehehe. If mommy and baby are up daddy sure as heck better be up to, and she made sure of it.

On the Daddy thing.. why is that the minute he walks into the room she will say daddy a kamillion times over and over and over and even after he says yes baby every time but the only time she says momma (not mommy) but momma is when she wants something or is upset. :o/ I suppose this is the beginning of Daddy Girl syndrome and I will now be pushed to the way side after 14 months of waiting on her hand and foot I will from now on be the one that does stuff for her while getting no gratitude. Le sigh. It's worth every minute of it though when she cries at bed time if daddy tries to lay down with her until I come and she stops crying instantly. Insert heart melt here.

Ok Enough baby stuff.

Weekend plans. None really. My friend called yesterday and we made plans to hang out at the house on Saturday... J is going racing Saturday night and sadly we have to tag along. Blech. Sunday we will probably go to church then lounge around the rest of the day in preparation for another week. It never ends.

Almost everyone at work is out today so I will be super bored. I may pop in here a few more times to alleviate my boredom so please be sure to entertain me.


Thursday, September 18, 2008


If your hand was replaced with a Rubber stamp what would that stamp say?


Mine would say: Bugger off I'll get to it when I damn well please.

Boobies, Tickets, and old neighbors.

So First Boobies. Day 5 of weaning was a Fail. Little J started sneezing and coughing yesterday so of course I have to pull out my miracle cure. Breast milk. We will start over with weaning today. I'm really not in that big of a hurry... the whole reason I decided to start is that she didn't initiate it Saturday or Sunday so I thought she might be ready. I will go with Don't offer Don't refuse. The slower I wean her the less traumatic it will be for her and my boobies right?

Tickets. Srsly. I got a ticket on my way to work this morning. I came to a rolling stop at a stop sign. I swear that cop thought I was smuggling drugs or had a dead body in my trunk. He was walking all around my car looking in all my windows asking me all these questions... Where I live, Why I was in that city, Where I was going. WTF. I was dropping off my kid at my parents house and I was on my way to work. I am wearing work clothes, slacks and a blouse. What the hell do you think I am doing heading to Downtown to hook, or sell drugs. NO WAY! Then he took his sweet ass time writing up my ticket 20 minutes. It does not take that long to print out a ticket. I think they were trying to see if they could prove I was not wearing my seat belt but since there is no possible way they could prove that I wasn't before I put it on they didn't say anything about that. So I go to the website to see how much the ticket will be.... 220.00 Le Sigh. Srsly That is more than speeding in a school zone. CRAZY. However if I do Defensive driving it will only be 107. Whew. So that was my crappy morning.

Oh dude also. I kinda got P.O'd at my mom yesterday srsly. We were talking about little J and she was saying how that kid can go where water runs. Tis true. Well she was saying that she was sitting there watching her in the kitchen go into the laundry room that she is not supposed to be in then she watched her lift the box lid to the tide and stick her and in and pull it out with tide on it. I about pooped my pants. I told her she needs to put it up before she looks away and she is in it again only eating the tide and getting sick. I was pizzed. She was like I watch her like a hawk yadda yadda yadda. I griped for a few more minutes about it using the it only takes a minute line over and over, however we never came to an agreement . Then when I called back an hour later I asked her if she had put it up yet and she said yes she did as soon as we got off the phone. Whew. Crisis averted. I got there after work and of course inspected the place and she had indeed put it up. I am really super grateful to have them watch her I couldn't ask for a better place for her to be. They are also really good about doing what I ask. They don't do anything at all ever so they get lonely when she is not there so it is a win win for both of us.

Re: old neighbors. On Myspace I found and old neighbor from my childhood I hadn't seen in like 10 years. She looks the same. I'm fat and do not. Le Sigh. She's a lesbian now (well probably always was I just have confirmation). I was really really not surprised. I always got that vibe from her so good to know my gaydar isn't off. Anyways at least one good thing can come out of myspace, finding old friends. It was kinda cool.

Did you hear about Brad Pitt giving 100,000 to help stop the banning of gay marriage. I really don't understand the need to have it banned. If it is not hurting you why the hell do you care. Leave the fraking gays alone if they want to be gay and married let them. Geez. I really don't understand the concept of needing to dictate what everyone does. I don't understand how being married and having someone to have rights to your children or worldly possessions needs to be an issue. It's not like letting them be married is forcing you to be gay and marry someone of the same sex it is just letting them do it. WHO CARES!!! AARRRRGGGGGGGG.

OK That's all for now I suppose. I will probably think about something to rant about later.
Peace and chicken grease.

Monday, September 15, 2008

No more Boobies?

Today is day 3 of weaning. Doing good. Last night when we laid down she suddenly remembered she enjoyed bed time boobies and had a bit of a fit, then I turned her away from me and she forgot and fell asleep. I am binding today hoping to avoid being engorged. Here's hoping.

I am feeling off today. Have been for a few days. I am tired. Cranky. Generally annoyed with J. I am assuming it is PMS.

Haven't had a whole lot to blog about lately. This chick I work with pissed me off royally yesterday. Srsly ruined my day.

We are trying to figure out what we are going to do for our anniversary this year. 5 years. wow. Ok well it's next year like february but whatever. We are thinking about going to the smokey mountains and getting a cabin. I would love love love to do that. So here's hoping we make it happen and don't wait until the last minute to make plans. This would mean leaving little J for a few days. I haven't even left her overnight yet how will I manage days. Oye.

Not a whole lot going on in my life. Wish there was more, or maybe not. As I quite enjoy things calm.

Ok so what do you think about Miley Cyrus dating a 20 y.o? If it was my 15 year old daughter I don't care how in the spotlight she is there is no way in hell I would be letting her date a 20 y.o. there is so much difference in 20 and 15 it is not even funny. She is going to be the next Jaime Lynn. I hope not as she seems to be a decent chick but nothing good can come of this matchup. I am sure they will be broken up sooner rather than later but still it make me want to puke just a little bit. He is kinda hot though.
End Rant.

I guess I will try to go work out at lunch today. I am feeling a bit bloated and miserable.

God this is the worst blog ever. I really should stop while I am ahead.

At least I am not blogging about my shopping trip and the groceries I got and how they raised the price of suger that would for sure be more boring than the senseless crap I just posted.

I went back to this website I used to frequent since I got banned from the other one I used to frequent and have a helluva time getting around the ban. i really have no clue where I was going with that statement as I got up and got candy before I finished my thought. so yea.

This other chick I work with rips pieces of her face off every time she waxes and it is quite humerous so I enjoy the making fun I get to do when she does wax.

Ehh I'm done now. I have nothing else.

Please stay tuned for more meaningless nonsense from me.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

It's Caturday!!!!!


Friday, September 12, 2008

Note to Self

Threatening to staple one's Vag is not acceptable in the workplace.

Dually noted.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pull up, Then pull down, Provided by mgmt for your protection.

Ok Seriously.

What pisses me off more than what I posted yesterday (colorful signature shoes and purses and such) People that go to the building provided gym (that we used to have to pay for and is now free) in their freaking work clothes and shoes, and play around with the gym equipment that I want to use while eating a fraking bowl of fruit.

Srsly. Go somewhere else that one leg extension every 3 minutes and those three chest pulls and whatever other minuscule thing you did while wasting my time isn't going to do anything for your flabby ass and arms so go somewhere else if you are not serious. I want to actually use those machines, I am sweating and trying to make a difference and you are just taking up space and oxygen while I am trying to get my work out on. I am so going to talk to mgmt if they come down there again and fiddle fart while I am trying to work out... I mean srsly they had sandals on. Not even workout shoes dress sandals. Arrgh. End rant.

Ok so my friend has this blog and it is kicking my ass... she is a great writer she cracks me up. I really need to step up my game but I cannot for the life of me come up with enough to blog about 3 times a day... she will probably let up when the newness of blogging wears off as it did for me. She is just copying me anyways.. hehe. Love you WA.

What else... little J learned how to say her cousins name last night. Freaking cute.

Ike is coming for realz. We are supposed to get 4-6 inches of rain between Saturday and Sunday... the last time we were srsly affected by a hurricane was 1983 it's name was Alicia. Whoadang. Is that what my mom named me after. She said it was a cute little girl on roller skates... I think she lied and named me after a hurricane. I mean we did think my brothers name was a biblical name until he was searching himself on the Internet and found out it was a rock song... yea my grandparents were a little blindsided with that one.

We had this awesome pizza for lunch it was bacon and hamburger. OMG Delightful. Best pizza ever. I feel like a stuffed pig. I worked out hard so I had to balance it out by stuffing myself with pizza and salad.

I guess that's it.

I need something really good to blog about. WA is killing me. Leave suggestions.


Shalalala Don't be scared you got the music there go on and kiss the girl...

Whoa. That was a long blog title. However you now have the song stuck in your head so it's all gravy baby.

Did anyone watch Fashion Rocks Last Night? The host took a really freaking hilarious cheap shot at BS last night. Lurved it. It was a great show and it benefited Stand up to Cancer so I was pleased.

Have you read this story yet?!?

All I have to say is what the hell was this woman thinking. Driving around for 2 months with her dead sons body in the trunk that is just disgusting. They haven't determined the cause of death but I surmise from what her aunt said that she killed him. I hope she gets the electric chair... do they do that anymore? They really should. Ecspecially for this idiot. Also what kind of name is manywhitehorses? Native american? Why did her aunt get a name like Ernastine and she got Manywhitehorses.... I also thought they got native american names that meant things like that but not actually the english versions of it... Whatevs she is a freaking moron. Our world would be a better place without her. Harsh yes. Truth yes.

So my Random thought for the day is this..... I have a friend named reese... he's Bite Size!

I have a pile of work up to my boobs to do. I am gigantor so if the pile reaches my boobs it has got to be big.

Dude speaking of boobs I was taking a bath last night and all of a sudden my nipples started burning then I realized the running water had reached my nipples much sooner than the rest of my boobs... my boobs = saggy. It was sad. 1 more kid then I am getting a boob job. d's for sure.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hynesararirus a rapapatatme

Ever heard that song? It's a good one.

I wish I was a Hynesararirus a rapapatatme a hahaha but since I'm not and never will be a Hynesararirus a rapapatatme I'm a june bug.... I'm an egg head... I'm gonna run and bash my head against the wall....

Weeeeeeee baaaaamm splat.

Ok so that was throw back to my childhood days, I had this friend whose step mom had all these random songs.. don't know if they were real or made up but they were funny and the above song is currently stuck in my head.

It's is raining cats and dogs here. Speaking of; have you ever smelt a wet dog disfreaking-gusting. Srsly. They are all nasty and wet smelling then they come in and shake their stoopid bodies all over your house and get all nasty wet dog smell every where. Hoark. Wet dogs should be banned from society. Good thing my dog is not a wet dog he is currently in his kennel at home enjoying his nice warm cozy blanket and not having to hang out in the rain.

Arrghhh my fraking phone won't quit ringing.

Do circles on a girls calander make you think she started her period? Just wondering.

I worked out today I am tizzired.

My baby was fussface last night srsly. J and I shared 2 pieces of cake... and then we heard her rumbling so I went to check on her and she was wide awake stayed that way until 10ish... not sue what us having cake had to do with it, maybe I wanted you all to know that I am a fat cow that eats cake. Who knows.

Do people that owe you money but always say they can't pay you back then go and spend 200 on clothes and junk piss you off? They do me. Srsly pay your debts.

This chick I work with is pregnant. There I blogged about her.

Ehh... that's all for now. Uneventful blogging for today.

Peace out.

Everybody Wang Chung Tonight?!?

Does anyone know what that means? I found out via the internet but I am not sure I found the right meaning... so comment me and let me know what you think it means.

I'll be back later with a much more meaningful post.